How To Move A Fridge? Ultimate Guide by Best Movers

There is nothing easy when it comes to moving a fridge and it in fact can be very painstaking. Because refrigerators are not only bulky but it is hard to move them from one place to another. Moreover, as they are costly and a bit of heavy investment, you will have to take more care while moving them from their original place to the other place. So, knowing how to move these bulky appliances safely and correctly is very crucial, if you do not risk other items whilst moving the fridge. Moreover importantly—Yourself.

So, if you do not want to take the movers’ help, you got an alternative job to cover you. That is our ultimate guide by the best movers about How to move a fridge‘. In fact, the guide which we avail for you will not only help save your money, but also avoid your fridge from getting damaged; during any step. Hence, get on our side to know what to do, to move the fridge to another place, despite how far you want it to move.

How To Move A Fridge

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Guide For You On ‘How To Move A Fridge’ In No Time, While Also Saving A Lot Of Money

  • Be Sure To Have All The Needed Supplies

The first thing you need to do before anything when it comes to ‘How to move a fridge’ is to make sure you have all the supplies for what you will do. So, the things you need on hand to help you with moving the fridge are: 

  • Measuring and packing tape
  • Moving blankets
  • Appliance dolly
  • Moving straps
  • Screwdriver or drill
  • At least 2 people
  • Empty Out The Fridge Contents To Clean 

You can’t simply unplug the fridge and directly move it unlike many other home appliances and need to defrost them first. Secondly, you have to prep the fridge thoroughly and make sure to empty out all the inside contents. You can store those items in some other cool place but should store them in enough chilling place until the period of fridge-moving. After emptying the contents, clean it by wiping all the surfaces while also removing the shelves and drawers; for possible deep cleaning. For bad odours, clean the surfaces with vinegar and baking soda. 

  • With A User Manual, Disconnect The Fridge To Defrost

Defrost your fridge by taking the help of the owner’s manual for clear directions on what to do. However, you can also follow a general step in ‘How to move a fridge’, that is to unplug the fridge and then disconnect all the water and ice lines. Later, make use of a hair drier to get rid of stubborn ice patches in your freezer.

  • Measure The And Fridge And Doorways

Figure out the route from where you want to move your fridge, for suppose, kitchen, living room or any other space. And for this, you have to make sure to measure the depth, width and length of your fridge to the width and length of your doorways using a measuring tape. If necessary, you can remove those doors in order for your fridge to move through freely. Or else you can also figure out how to move it via the back door if you have any.

  • Pack The Fridge Carefully

One of the large parts of ‘How to move a fridge’ is to figure out how to pack it and transport it from one place to another. Because, without proper care, the fridge can lead to its damage via road transport and safety concerns, where it can also mean to breakage of its parts when you finally arrive at your destination. So, pack it carefully using packing tape. Then, pack them with a plastic layer wrap and again apply the tape. 

  • Get Your Fridge Ready To Transport

The next step to packing away the fridge is to transport and you can do this using an appliance called a dolly. With a sliding dolly under your fridge, you can carefully slide the fridge out of your place, while also making sure to not damage the moving blanket. After that, slowly base the fridge till it stands upright and take another set of moving straps to secure both the dolly and fridge together. Note- secure the dolly properly to avoid tripping.

  • Use Dolly To Move The Fridge Up Or Downstairs

How to move a fridge upstairs when the fridge can be pretty heavy? The key to this is to take help using a dolly. Because it helps with both movements downstairs and upstairs with ease. For dollys’ help, you can put it at 45°C under the fridge and go down and up the stairs, wherever you want by just pushing or pulling it. 

  • Loading And Unloading The Fridge

After all the above steps, loading and unloading the fridge can be pretty easy; as you can take help from the ramp. With a ramp, you can guide your fridge and dolly in both up and down ways off the truck. However, make sure to not lift the fridge. As it may result in dropping and keeping it entirely on a dolly while transporting. 

  • Setting It At The Place You Want 

The next step in the ‘How to move a fridge’ guide into the next place is to make sure to set it up in a proper way. Then, make sure to check the owner’s manual for any specific guidelines. You should do this before reconnecting your fridge back to its safe place. Because there are some fridges which need to be waited before reconnecting and storing the food in them. 

  • Wait To Plug-In And Adding Food 

Finally, when you are done with setting up your fridge to its new location, wait for a period of time; to plug it into the circuit. Once your plugin, wait for a couple of hours before adding your food into the fridges’ shelves and drawers. Note- generally, time varies between 24 to 72 hours.

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