Tips To Pack Your Furniture For Smooth Relocation

Furniture should always be handled with care and caution. No matter whether you pack your furniture on your own or hire a professional. It must be taken care of with diligence. Careful packing is very necessary as there is a risk of damage during transit. You would not want your furniture to be damaged during the move. That is why there are certain tips and tricks that you must keep in mind in order to save your furniture while moving. Although moving can be very difficult and tedious, we can make your move smooth with a few Tips To Pack Your Furniture For Smooth Relocation. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss some common hacks that would be very helpful to save your furniture. Also, with these Tips To Pack Your Furniture For Smooth Relocation, your move will be stress-free.

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Here are the tips to pack your furniture for smooth and easy relocation:

Safeguard your furniture throughout the process of relocation by following the tips provided by experienced movers. Before you start working on our Tips To Pack Your Furniture For Smooth Relocation, we recommend you clean your furniture properly. This will help a lot as the dust and grime on the furniture may scrape hard surfaces during the move.

tips to pack your furniture
  • Assemble all the packing materials- And by packing materials we do not only mean cardboard boxes, packing tape, and blankets. There is a common myth that these items are enough to pack your furniture, but that’s not true. Collect other packing items such as bubble wraps, plastic bags, plastic wraps, covers, cardboard sheets, etc. These items are very useful too. Also, do not forget the tool kit, zip lock bags, and markers. These are basically all the supplies that you would need to pack the furniture.
  • Dismantle all that you can- Before moving, it is very important to dismantle your furniture. This is because it helps in moving them easily. This will also ensure that you do not damage your furniture while navigating out through the house. Furniture that can be dismantled are tables, bed frames, drawers, and so on. We also recommend taking pictures while dismantling your property. Just in case you do not remember how to assemble it again. Or you can even use markers to note down the dismantled parts.
  • Use of padding and cushions- If you do not pack properly, furniture can easily get damaged. Even if you pack them in boxes, you must ensure that there would be no shifting of the object. For that, you must put a lot of padding and cushions inside the box. Use cushions and furniture padding to pack fragile items such as antiques.
  • Wrap them properly- For wrapping items, bubble wraps and plastic wraps are the best choices. Delicate and fragile wooden items can be safely moved by wrapping in bubble wraps, for instance. These can be helpful to pack glass items and mirrors. Usually, plastic wraps help to wrap upholstery and other furniture. You must carefully wrap all the objects with covers or blankets and then put plastic wrap around them. This will ensure double safety while moving the items.
  • Use of cardboard sheets- Packing furniture with the help of cushions is not always a good idea. Sharp edges of the furniture damage the cushions. In such cases, use cardboard sheets. Cardboard sheets protect your furniture edges from tearing and ripping. As well as it ensures safety while handling the objects. 
  • Secure small items safely- While dismantling your furniture, you might have noticed many small nuts and bolts present. Ensure you store them in zip lock bags with proper labelling. Apart from that, cabinet doors and drawers can get open during transit if not secured properly. So, secure them properly with tape or stretch wrap. Also, secure all small items wrapped in paper safely.

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Although moving is a tiring process and our Tips To Pack Your Furniture For Smooth Relocation is useful, we at Furniture Movers Perth are always here to make your move easy. Our specialists pay more attention to the furniture during the move. We understand that furniture can get easily damaged during transit. That is why, we help you with everything, right from packing your furniture to moving and unpacking them. So, if you are in need of a furniture removalist, hire us.