Moving plans to relocate a business in Perth

If you’re trying to relocate a business in Perth, aim to make minimal interruptions during the move. When you’re shifting to a working or commercial office with shared facilities, preparation, communication, and planning are the keys. Although moving offices may be a challenging task but there are few steps you should consider to make things run as smoothly as possible. Moving your business somewhere new? The methods are often even less involved than getting into a new home. There are enormous numbers of boxes, furniture, and bulky things to move from one place to another with the added pressure of closing down office operations for a couple of days.

Before you begin packing up and making your office on the move, make a helpful checklist to urge your move to run as smoothly as possible.

Your Moving Plans To Relocate Business In Perth Can Be: 

  1. Plan Before Relocating

Once you’ve decided to shift your office, start taking care of the primary steps. Ideally, try to plan about relocating 2 to 4 months before your moving days. Review your commercial property lease. If you’re getting to leave early, it’s going to cost you your deposit. You’ll even be liable for any breakages or damage to space that may occur during the move. Confirm you know the agreement details. 

Also, put together a planning team, who can make the moving process easy and complete your tasks. Start getting quotes from different moving companies, to seek out the simplest available service and value for money. Find out whether you would like moving insurance for important machinery and equipment. Set your moving budget, to avoid overspending.

  1. Communicate with clients and team members

Once you’ve confirmed your shifting date, it’s important to tell external and internal parties about your upcoming relocation.

  • Notify your current landlord or property manager, and provide official notice.
  • Notify your team members about new office addresses and moving dates.
  • Make a list of people you would like to send a change of address to.
  • Ensure that your employee list is ready.
  • Ensure that your service provider and client list is updated.
  • Make sure all team members know what their responsibilities are going to be before time.
  • Make a booking together with your chosen removalists.
  • Brief your IT department on the move and discuss what tech is required for the day.
  • Notify affiliates, suppliers and local partners about the upcoming plan, especially those that are going to be suffering from your change of address and get in touch with them.

Now it’s time to think about the logistics of moving all of your office belonging items from one office to another office.

  1. Preparation For Moving Day
  • Get an in-depth floor plan of your new office.
  • Measure the new office space and plan how you’re getting to arrange things out.
  • Create a listing of existing furniture.
  • Consult with a company for any new furniture you would possibly need and place an order.
  • Sign official paperwork, licenses, and permits.
  • Book elevators and parking lots for the moving day.
  • Arrange cleaning services for your current and new office.
  • Make changes to your access codes and hire security guards
  • Send an in-depth plan to your removalist company, or arrange a gathering at the new office if needed.
  • Create a detailed plan for shifting days for your staff to follow.
  • Make and save a list of emergency contact numbers for everybody involved within the move, also as elevator maintenance and building management.
  1. Make the Moving Day

When moving day arrives, make yourself feel well prepared. Here are some more ways to make sure everything goes smoothly on a moving day.

  • Keep your emergency number list printout close at hand.
  • Make your budget and keep ready refreshments for the internal representatives and moving team.
  • Inform your team and clients about moving day.
  • Ensure that all tech equipment, phones, computers etc. are moved first.
  • Check all the moving items and boxes personally to avoid missing any stuff
  1. Settling In 

The big move is over! Now it’s time to settle a few things, so you can restart your work as soon as possible.

  • Ensure that all areas are organized and defined for the team.
  • Set up all telephone lines, computers, and tech equipment.
  • Update the corporate website with new contact information and address.
  • Inspect the place for damages if any then report to the moving company.
  • Arrange for the installation of the latest IT systems. 
  • Inform your team and clients about shifting 

If you’ve made it through to relocate a business in Perth without an excessive amount of stress, it’s time to pause and celebrate. We hope our list helps you get organized.